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Everything You Need To Know
About Tom Greatrex MP

A learned and valued professional, equipped to educate the world on various grounds of interests and policies.

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A Researcher

Breaking moulds of research and going beyond what one calls as the benchmark of quality research.


Corporate Affairs

Ensuring that individuals get the right meaning behind what lies at stake for them at the corporate level of management.


Policy Advisor

Helping out firms and organisations to come out with policies that reek more of benefits than plot holes.


Labour Leader

Enriched with the skills to both help and develop the forces that help and push the company forward.

Non-policy Interests

Creating an even playing field that levels both necessities and requirements for individuals from all backgrounds. In addition you may visit The Complete Herbal Guide as it may help you.

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Nuclear Industry Association

Tom was a member of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee. His areas of policy interest are manufacturing, Northern Ireland, construction, the economy, film and media, energy and climate change.sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet

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What They Said

Labour Councillors Within Tom’s Constituency

With like-minded and abled individuals around, Tom’s constituency is a playing field of talent.

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Latest News

Business People

Personality Traits of Effective Business People

There is a lot of characteristics of effective business people that has launched them into the world that they have been — the personality traits of effective, successful business people. There are many effective, successful people who have made a name for themselves in the business. Even they choose a more difficult area like online casinos where they still manage to move forward and become successful. There are certain traits that are required to make sure that they have the right traits to be a better businessman. Open this


No matter where you see the successful people are looking to make sure that they find creativity in their business. Creative thinking includes a sudden realization that allows you to answer the right question, which can make sure that you have the solution for the work you have been spending time on. These ideas are generally born out of improvisation, which can help ensure that you navigate all the wrong turn right, which is one of the most crucial parts of doing business. you may also learn more about what is being creative from this source.



Dependability is one of the easiest traits to be recognised as it is showing to work on time, following through the set tasks and being regular. Being flexible can also mean that you have the right role at work, which can be intuitive, which might require you to have the right flexibility in your work. Dependability adds to your personal integrity which can translate to respects to you from the boss and co-workers.


If you are a manager who wants to create the right space for your co-workers, you need to make sure that they are valued. It needs to show in terms of what they produce and also the profits that they make. Lack of compassion can create a tense environment which makes people feel alienated, and with compassion, you can make everyone feel welcomes. This will make sure that everyone is in the right mind to keep peace and mental stability, which is essential for human survival.


Enthusiasm is one trait that can make your work very contagious and simulates a lot of opportunities which is very important to have a positive change. Great leaders are trying to understand teaching is about opening new possibilities and bringing in the new way of thinking. Enthusiasm brings in which neutralises insecurities and fear allowing you to grow as an individual.



Self-motivation is key to being effective in any environment as it allows you to be very creative and spiritual. Self-motivated people burn their inner fire and want to head into anything with a lot of passion. It is important that people understand the being self-motivated pushes you to do more than you just doing things for the sake of it. Try to find ways that can help motivate you to do more than what you were yesterday.

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